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There are many resources that a town will produce, trade, and use for survival.

  • Logs are produced by cutting down trees and from the work of a forester. They are used in the construction of buildings, firewood, and tools. Regardless of the type or size of a tree, it will always yield 2-3 logs when cut down.

  • Stone is produced by harvesting stone piles on the surface, or by building a quarry. It is used in construction. Regardless of a single large stone or a tight gathering of many smaller ones in a 1x1 space, they will always yield 2 stone when mined by an educated citizen, or 1 stone when mined by an uneducated citizen.

  • Iron is found in deposits on the surface, or by building a mine. It is used in construction and the creation of tools.

  • Firewood is used to heat homes, and is created by chopping logs into firewood using a wood cutter.

  • Coal must be mined from the earth or purchased through trade. It can be used by a blacksmith to make steel tools, but also provides an alternate heat source to firewood.

  • Leather comes from operating a hunting cabin or by slaughtering cattle in a pasture. It is used to make clothing.

  • Wool comes from sheep raised in a pasture and is used in making clothing.

  • Food is produced by hunters, gatherers, fishermen, crop fields, orchards, and pastures.

  • Herbs are used to keep citizens healthy when their diet is poor. They are collected by an herbalist.

  • Tools are made by a blacksmith. They are required by all workers to perform their jobs.

  • Clothing is used to keep citizens warm in the winter. It is crafted by a tailor.

  • Alcohol is produced by a tavern. Living near a tavern and drinking ale can make citizens happier.